Module 4 – Working with the Body Subconscious
with George Gintilas

Learn to use Somatic Mindfulness with the the Subconscious Body/Mind

In this module you will learn a process that can deeply tap into places you could rarely go with other normal interventions, even the body mindfulness based ones taught in the other modules.

Example problems:

What do you do when you have a client that cannot stay out of their head no matter how much you direct them into their body to clear an issue? They just keep flipping back into their intellect to work it out. You can do the energy healing work taught in Module one, that’s one option. But now there is another option, one that can often pinpoint a problem and behaviour precisely without talking about it at all.

What do you do when a client just needs to alter a specific annoying behaviour without digging up the past and their whole life story?
What do you do when you have a client that is so scared and petrified that they do not want to feel what’s happening in their body at all?
What do you do when a person does not want to dig up any feelings or memories or move at all? What can you do with them?
What do you do when you have a child 8-12 years of age who is not going to open up to you at all, can’t or won’t talk, but the parents are desperate to alter a bad behaviour the child has?
This is such an effective process that this is my first choice of therapy for most new clients that walk through my door. It is one of the quickest, simplest, quietest, gentlest processes you could ever hope to do with a client – and in that, lies its amazing power.

You will learn – how the subconscious and the body mindfulness work (taught in other modules) can work together to produce very deep and profound changes in people who need an even gentler approach. It is also especially effective for people who have done little therapy work in their lives and are quite anxious seeing anyone.

The focus of my work has always been on the subconscious, the body, the emotions and the energy field that permeates throughout the body and mind. Working at this deeper level, you can help accomplish changes in far fewer sessions than traditionally required in the past. At least that has been my experience and the processes taught in this module are my favourite first choice.

As my motto has been for years “your mind is in your whole body”. Focus on the whole body and you focus on the real cause of a problem. The story, the analysis, the interpretation, the memories, knowing why, are not as important. This module takes the mindfulness body based work of modules 1, 2 and 3 to another level again.

I will be demonstrating in front of the group, as well as have you practice in pairs with plenty of time for feedback and questions.

You will receive a manual with all you will need, to begin using this process fairly quickly. Each session plan will be clearly laid out.

The embodied state required to run this process is very important and it is probably the major reason why this Module follows module 1, 2 and 3. The more you can practice at this deeper embodied subconscious mindful state, the better the probability of helping the client achieve a good outcome. This state is even more important with this module.

You will learn more about how the subconscious works and how to work with it mindfully in more intricate ways in addition to what you will have learned in other modules. This module will give you more skills, to work with an even wider variety of clients. There are clients that are very suited to this approach. You will learn how to determine which ones they are.

This module will teach you a specific session process which I call the Body Subconscious Process (BSP) for short.

In it’s simplest terms, BSP takes the steps you learn in Module 1 and automates them to keep the therapist’s interference to a minimum. This privacy factor allows for much greater depth of work. The safer a person’s subconscious body and mind feel, the easier it is to release deeply old held patterns and blockages.