Module 3 – Working with the Body Attachment
with George Gintilas

Learn to use Somatic Mindfulness to work and release inner child developmental issues and attachment

Somatic Mindfulness work – as well as lending itself well for healing Trauma, it is excellent for helping heal childhood developmental issues. Why? Because of the use of touch and the laying down on a mat. In this Module you will learn how to work deeper with clients laying down on a mat (or massage table – depending on your modality.) Laying down allows for much deeper work and for deeper inner child, attachment and release work.

To a child, a thousand words cannot replicate what one holding or touch of a hand, at the right moment and way, can accomplish.

When do we use a mat?

we want a client to go deeper
we want to use more touch work
there are some deep emotions that need to release
there is an area we can’t reach and assist properly sitting in the chair
a client needs to move more and the chair is too restrictive
we want to do deeper inner child and attachment work
we want to do more bodywork
we want to do deeper longer-term work
a client has a very strong intellect that wont budge
more movement work is required
more pressure is required (especially with rigid structures) and the pressure required needs the mat

We follow the same steps as the foundation module one steps, only the client is on the mat. We will also be adding more process options for the mat work covering six areas:

1. Segmental Body Reading
You will learn to read each segment of the body and follow accordingly. People block off issues and emotional problems and traumas in the cells of their body. This can be read and worked with in a more focused way to gently release. Different segments tend to block off and cause various problems. Learn to spot them and work with each segment specifically.

2. Touch Work
We will cover the different types of touch. And what types of touch to use for each segment of the body. Touch is critical with attachment and inner child work and it can assist to produce very deep and powerful releases when used appropriately. Months of verbal work can be avoided with just one appropriate touch.

3. Bodywork
(Third in line as a tool when working on the mat.) Using massage appropriately for each segment of the body is also a powerful tool. It is very helpful for when a client is still too stuck, cannot feel much in an area or there is little movement occurring in a particular area of their body with little sign of any change.

4. Movement work
Learn different types of movements and mobilisation methods, related to different body segments and processes of the nervous system. Another powerful tool for helping a client embody and release more deeply and completely.

5. Inner Child/Attachment work
Learn effective inner child techniques that relate to different attachment types in a client’s body and mind. Learn the seven process options to use to help a client complete their attachment missing experience. Children respond strongly to touch and gently adding this element to inner child work enormously speeds up healing and recovery.

6. Character Structure work
Learn more about the Character structures (introduced in Module one) as they relate to attachment and inner child work. Add more understanding and depth of options for understanding and helping clients let go safely at a much deep and complete level.

As with the other modules, you will be pairing up a few times and practicing with other students in chair paired work and on mats. The module is presented in a 35+ page manual.