More Alive, Free, Loving and at Peace…
A Radix Body Psychotherapy Workshop

If you:

a. Have trouble dealing with releasing chronic stress in your body
b. Have chronic pain and rigidity in your muscles
c. Have trouble expressing emotions and feelings
d. Can’t shake off old feelings from the past that cloud your mind and thinking
e. Seem to lack energy
f. Feel weighed down by your surroundings
g. Seem to have lost that free spontaneous spark
h. Find it hard to assert yourself at work
i. Have a trauma you haven’t fully recovered from yet (get flashbacks)
j. Find it hard to stop some racing thoughts
k. Feel a bit lost and unable to fire up towards goals
l. Feel there is something within you that you can’t seem to shake off
m. Find it hard to change certain behaviours
n. Have difficulty in relationships with reactions
o. Have past memories that you still play over and over in your mind
p. Have people from the past that you never got to say certain things to
q. Or are just stuck in a rut, repeating each day, the same

This workshop could be for you.

Looking for the next breakthrough in your life? Looking for a program that can help you move forward in a genuine authentic way? The upcoming Radix Body Psychotherapy Workshops could be for you.

Join a small group in a bonded, safe weekend where you can have the space to open up to some of your deepest held blockages and help release them free. Highly recommended and designed for the deep stuck areas within you that never seem to be accessible any other way. An excellent complement to individual sessions.

George Gintilas

The workshops will focus on helping you develop more presence in yourself through your mind, body, emotions and spirit, a holistic approach that will help tap into all of who you really are. Most therapies split off and work with only parts of you. This workshop incorporates ALL parts of you.

You are one whole, you are not parts. This mind/body split has been the cause of most of our problems in society. With two full days to soak it all in, there will be more time and avenues to help you let go, let it happen and heal this split further.

Your subconscious is your body. This contains 95% of the processing power that runs your life. Your conscious mind contains the other 5%. This is why willpower is so ineffective in creating lasting change.

Alternating all weekend between mind and body, will help you to heal this mind/body split further. By doing this – it becomes a powerful vehicle – helping clear up old bad behaviours, anxieties and limitations that you may have been struggling with for years. This is a transformative weekend and very deep work. If you are serious about change or you still feel there is something deeper within that you have yet to access and release, then this workshop could be for you.

  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Reduce the over thinking in your head and the racing mind
  • Free Old Repetitive Behaviours
  • Re energise, come more alive, free your feelings

There will be individual exercises, paired exercises and personal one-on-one intensives. This is the most powerful and deepest process which allows for deep and authentic releases. All conducted in the complete safety of the group with a highly experienced therapist.

The group is limited to a maximum of eight people, to allow for more personal attention.


To be announced
Friday night (7.30pm to 9.30pm)
Saturday (9.30am to 5.30pm)
Sunday (9.30am to 5.30pm)
(early bird $500)
$550 (includes gst.)

NOTE: If their are six or more participants, the workshop will commence on the Friday night 7.30pm to 9.30pm. If there are less than six, the workshop will commence on the Saturday morning.

Due to the depth of the work, and for the best results, it is highly recommended that you take some time off on Monday to rest and integrate.

Booking is essential.
Unit 3, 4 Tiuna Grove, Elwood, Victoria, Australia.

Call: 03 9525 7680 or 0411 148 788

There are no prerequisites. It is open to anyone wanting to break through very deep blockages that cannot be accessed any other way. It is an excellent compliment to personal therapy sessions. The group energy plus the extended length of time (two days) helps you to access much deeper levels.

I believe this is a program everyone should do at least once every year or two, to help flush out old blockages and limitations.

Feel more alive. Feel more at peace. Feel more loving and genuine happiness. It is there within you trying to release each day. Become more authentic and at ease within you. Reduce the effect of the stresses around you in your life. This workshop has helped produce major breakthroughs for many people. The participants can say it much better than I can, so here are a few testimonials – in their own words.


[testimonial]”….on our weekend together, in words and actions, and with full compassion, you physically guided each of us through an actual bardo of becoming, the one we ended up taking on when we felt called.

You called to us with your voice, though it was really gentle encouragement to us to make our own sound, whatever came. And you also called with your hands and arms to show us where our own muscles would form their own kind of strong answer to this call. The muscles sometimes needed convincing, but they soon found their rhythm.

Something important about this process is that the opening that we went through did not just show up quite unexpectedly (as they do) saying, Deal with me. Over the course of the weekend you showed us how to invite the opening, to relax about it, give it space and welcome it, whatever it would turn out to be. (There’s a lot more to be said about that.) And yet we received even more than this experience of making a difficult crossing and breathing those blessed sighs of relief or laughter on the other side.

As well we were granted the opportunity to form part of the safe place for all the others to make their crossing. And this is really quite a high honour. Reminds me of those words, O Child of noble family. True of all of us.” NICK[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Thank you so much for the weekend workshop.

Each time I meet you, you increase my admiration of you. Your care for others as well as the ability to remain vulnerable allowed me to respond with confidence and openness to your teaching. Without this I would not have been able to discover and open one of the most important windows in my being. This opening has since allowed me to understand that I need to and can, with confidence, pursue projects which give me autonomy and let me use my creativity to enhance the work I do for others without sacrificing my own importance.

For this I thank you. For this I am most grateful. The unlocking of this means that I can now DO rather than imagine DOING and DO in a way that flows like the energy and ease and power of a great river.” NOLA

[testimonial]”Just wanted to say what an amazing workshop, I cannot wait for the next one! The support of the small group was just so powerful, how beautiful that strangers can share such a bond in the short time of a weekend. I am proud of myself as change and letting go was scary but with your help and the support of some beautiful people I am so much better for it.” DANI[/testimonial]

[testimonial]”The workshop was truly awe inspiring and one of the most valuable things I have ever done for my wellbeing. I never thought I would be comfortable showing very personal feelings in front of people I hadn’t met before, but the reverse turned out to be the case. As people let go and released old blocked feelings it gave me more courage to do the same whilst also triggering similar emotions within me.  It is amazing how quickly you bond with others when you show these parts of yourself to one another, very quickly creating a very safe and personal space.

With the support of you and the group I felt I was able to go much deeper within my subconscious and let go of something very big that I wouldn’t normally have the courage to access. In that way these groups are very very powerful. Furthermore witnessing everyone else access their feelings reminds me that we are all the same. We may have different stories, but we all have very similar pain and fears trapped within us. That has really normalized my emotions for me whilst also enhancing my compassion and empathy for others, even if their true feelings are not always visible on the surface.

Overall a very powerful, inspiring. connecting and deeply healing weekend. Thank you, I am very grateful to have found this work and the impact on my wellbeing has been profound. Warmest regards and much gratitude.” KATE[/testimonial]