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Australian Subconscious-mind Therapists Association

Highlighting one key aspect of AST:
Client Feedback Program (CFP) via Client Questionnaires

ASTA administers two questionnaires that are mailed out to clients 4 months and 12 months after a client’s last session (normally the 3rd). The purpose of the questionnaire is to receive ongoing research feedback regarding the success of the therapy as well as provide some quality control for members of the associaion. The questionnaire is a one page form that can be filled out in a few minutes. It is mailed to the client with a stamped self-addressed envelope for an easy no-cost return. The form is returned to ASTA. The client does not need to put there name on the form. It remains anonymous. The therapist does not see the contents of the form. This allows the client to be totally honest knowing their comments and answers will remain confidential from the therapist. At ASTA the questionnaires are read, statistics are taken, after which the questionnaires are shredded. Every three months all therapists are mailed a statistics sheet outlining their percentage success rate and the national average percentage. It is a requirement of ASTA membership that a therapist’s success rate percentage remain close to the national average. It must not fall too far below the national average for too long a length of time. This is excellent quality control. Based on objective client feedback. For the client, filling out a questionnaire four months later is an excellent ‘stock take’. After four months people can forget they had the three sessions. Receiving the questionnaire can trigger the memory as to why one did the therapy. People can get a pleasant surprise when they realise that some of their problems have been improved/resolved.

So when looking for a P.S.H. Therapist you can ask if they are members of ASTA as not all P.S.H. therapists are members of ASTA.

NOTE: I was on this program for four years. I now have my own private questionnaire, which is much more detailed, that I mail out 6 to 9 months after the P.S.H. sessions. It’s purpose is similar to the above, only in addition I ask questions that will help in further research. 


At the moment ASTA recognises one P.S.H. Therapy training school that meets their requirements.

For more information ring 07-3378-5336 or click here. The school is based in Queensland Australia. The principal trainer is Greg Brice who was one of the co-leaders of the training with Frank Wright (the founder) when Frank was alive.

The training is 13 months. It includes 4 x 8 day residentials plus one graduation weekend. The course is designed for people to attend from any part of Australia. Each course has participants from Australia wide.



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