The original book on P.S.H Therapy

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing was written by Frank Wright (the founder of P.S.H. Therapy) in Sydney Australia. It was published in August 1995 and has continued to sell steadily ever since. Now in its second edition, the book has sold over 11,000 copies.  

Frank died in his sleep on the morning of Sunday 19th July 1997. He was the father of two daughters and a son, and the grandfather of six children. He will be best remembered for his pioneering work in creating, teaching and promoting the P.S.H. Therapy approach.

PART ONE – The Emotional Cause of Illness

Chapter 1: What is Private Subconscious-Mind Healing (P.S.H.)?

Chapter 2: How It All Works

Chapter 3: The Seven Principles of Subconscious Change

Chapter 4: The Origin of Symptoms

Chapter 5: Childhood

Chapter 6: Birth and Before

PART TWO – The Most Likely Results of Subconscious Negative Emotion

Chapter 7: Nightmares

Chapter 8: Migraine

Chapter 9: Depression

Chapter 10: Deep Grief

Chapter 11: Emotional Smokers

Chapter 12: The Emotional Forces behind Overeating

Chapter 13: Psychological Symptoms

Chapter 14: Mind-Body Illness

Chapter 15: Sexual Difficulties

PART THREE – Resolving Your Problems

Chapter 16: Identifying a Subconscious-Mind Problem

Chapter 17: Finding a Competent Subconscious-Mind Therapist

Chapter 18: The P.S.H. Therapy Approach

This book is now out of print.
Check out your local library – in Australia many have a copy that you can borrow.

This book is now available in ebook form. You can purchase it from here.