(From Aug ’95 newsletter)

In seeing people over the years, there are some common patterns that seem to arise. So common that it warrants shedding some light on the subject to help people move along.

In this letter I want to shed some light on ‘completing an issue’:

When have you completed an issue? When have you got over someone or some event?

When do you think?

Radix is powerful and deep work. It works with the core energy from where the blockages stem in you. Because of this depth, people often touch on an issue that they thought they had completed. In my work it is not uncommon to hear; “I thought I was over that one!”. When you are handling your problems with your intellect in the driver seat, you can easily be fooled into thinking that you have completed an issue when in reality all you’ve done is put a good logical lid on it and are keeping it together enough so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily routine. It is at this point that some people announce that their problem is resolved. This is not a resolved situation.

Going to see an analytical therapist, or doing analytical growth work, has a higher chance of keeping this neatly tucked away issue – tucked away – because you can use your intellect to control it more.

Coming along to see me, you enter a new and added dimension where you will almost definitely open up this neatly tucked away issue. Why? Because Radix (Body Psychotherapy) uses your intellect in proportion to the rest of your body. In this work, using your thinking to resolve your problems occupies only about 20% of the work. The other 80% is in the rest of your body. Your intellect speaks in language. Your body speaks in another language and it is emotional, vocal and physical. Combine all four and you have a more wholistic and a more realistic treatment for any issue. In my work, your body (you) are encouraged to speak it’s language around an issue, allowing the emotion, the sound and the movement that you long to express be heard, so that you can complete in a more fulfilling way.

The depth of release that is sometimes required from the body is mind boggling to the intellect. Which is why I have you read and sign a form that highlights the ‘Short Term Risk – The fear of your emotions’. It is to give your intellect some preparation for what might come up. The more you control your life with your intellect the more frightening it is to let go and really change a situation.

So how do you know when an issue is complete? You can think you know it from your head, but from your body and feelings you can know you know it. It’s not something you think, it’s something you know. And if you are not sure about the knowing from your body then you definitely have not resolved it, you are just coping very well until something comes along to trigger that issue again.

We are in a society that has over valued the intellect in solving our problems and living our lives. The height of this overvalue is reached when in answer to a question on how you can resolve a particular problem, someone answers ‘just change your thought’. It’s like saying that to change a milk bar into a bakery shop, you just change the sign on the window! There is a lot more too it than that. You have to enter the ‘body’ of the shop and transform the insides, and that takes a lot more time and energy, but the end result is real and in the end you know when the milk bar is really a bakery shop.

You don’t even need the sign on the window.