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Email is such a great way to keep in touch. For a while I mailed out paper newsletters to my client base. After a few years this became quite expensive and not practical. Now with email, just like the Internet, much more information can be sent and accessed cheaply electronically. This is a powerful medium that is transforming the way we run our lives, and used properly it’s a wonderful addition and support to many people.

The newsletter gives you all the latest news with what’s been happening to this web site, information and additions worth checking out. It also includes an editorial offering some views and perspectives on the news of the day. My perspectives based on my therapy process work. It can help you to begin to view things in ways you may not have thought of before.

It includes a self-help section – things you can do to help yourself on this day or week. Reminders of things you probably knew about but had forgotten. The newsletter can help focus your mind on those lost inner processes that all too often lie dormant and unused for years.

Going by feedback from subscribers, I now also include in each newsletter:

  • A few of the most recent testimonials
  • Where I’ll be appearing in the media next
  • New articles – Exclusive to this newsletter (see sample below)
  • Abstracts of any new articles about to be added to the web site
  • More in depth articles expanded from my Blog entries

Any developments in the therapy world that are worth noting are also presented. Including more detail about my work that can help clarify things further for you. Detail that doesn’t always appear anywhere else on this web site.

Plus other things that subscribers request from time to time that I feel are worthwhile adding. There are also other features planned that will be coming in time.

From the tenth issue; there are now occasionally guest experts in their respective therapy fields that I invite to contribute articles.

Some additional advantages: You will normally be the first to find out about upcoming workshops and programs that I offer from time to time. Also there will be ‘specials’ that you will only find out about through this newsletter.


The newsletter is deliberately kept small so it can easily be read in a few minutes. Occasionally some issues are bigger – because there are some great articles that I don’t want to cut down in size. Or there happens to be much more to say that can help you. If there are some good articles and valuable information to present, sometimes a newsletter has been known to be up to twelve pages.

The newsletter is published every two to three months. I don’t flood you with daily or weekly emails. If you live outside of Victoria, Australia, there are no other emails that are sent, although occasionally if there is something urgent that I think you need to know about that could possibly benefit you, I may send out an additional email. This normally happens when I have a new public appearance coming up that I didn’t mention in the previous newsletter or an upcoming workshop or a special.

For people living in my home state (Victoria), you will also receive the ‘Upcoming Events: You are Invited…’ email newsletter. This is sent normally about once a month when there is an upcoming program, workshop or class that I am about to run that you may want to attend.

The subscribers include my client base and any other interested people from around the world. The subscriber list is currently over 1,500.

There are occasionally some paid advertisements of workshops coming up at the Centre and occasionally I may also mention or recommend a product or service personally.

And needless to say, your email address is kept totally and completely confidential.

This newsletter is an excellent and easy way to keep in touch, be informed and educate yourself on your emotional health, peace of mind, wellbeing and fulfillment in life.

There are aspects of ourselves that are rarely addressed adequately enough in our daily lives. These aspects when addressed can make a huge difference to your personal, working and social life. Much more than you probably can imagine right now.

I’ve seen people heal, change and grow in ways that would baffle the social norms. Yet to me this level of change and empowerment is normal. Eventually this will become the norm. Begin tapping more into this human potential that is inside of you now.

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I do believe this is a unique newsletter. There are not many out there that I am aware of that offer some truth and real useful perspectives on your emotional health and wellbeing. We are not accustomed to viewing this area in our lives that this newsletter helps you to do. Yet it is so crucial to your makeup, health, behaviours, daily living and your humanity.

I can almost bet that it is this area that holds the keys as to why you may not be as successful as you would like to be, not as fulfilled in your life, not as spontaneous and free, not as in control, not as happy, not as confident, not as relaxed, not as calm, not as clear about your direction and which life choices to make (to name a few). Why? Because it is your emotional health that greatly governs these areas.

To help you spend a bit more time focusing on this vital area and begin to give it the time and thought that it really requires, you can subscribe to this newsletter.

And yes it is totally free. There are no catches. Nothing. Zip. You have no obligation to do anything else, ever. By filling in the green box below all you agree to is to receive this newsletter every two to three months. And with a simple return email, you can unsubscribe at any time. No questions asked.

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Spotlight on Trauma: How it hides and how it shows up in your life (Issue #11)

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Autumn – A Chinese Medicine Perspective: New Insights that can help (issue #12)

The Value of the Meditative State – Not to be Ignored (Issue #14)

The Influence of The Media (A MUST read) (Issue #14)

Work And You: Your Four Areas of Energy Usage – Tips on how to unlock them (Issue #14)

Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum (Issue #15)

Success, Failure and Motivation – What’s Driving You? (Issue #15)

Business and You: Dealing with Pressure in I.T (Issue #15)

Emotional Vampires: People that Sap your energy in the Work Place (Issue #15)

Emotional Maintenance Budget: It’s Growing Importance (Issue #16)

A Word About Dancing! (Issue #16)

George Gintilas: My Story – Part I (Issue #16)

Putting More of the Healing Back in your Hands (Issue #16)

Stopping Intimidation in It’s Tracks and Increasing Your Personal Power (Issue #16)

Business And You: How Old Emotional Pockets in your body can lead to Drops in Performance (Issue #16)