You have within you an incredible ability to heal. Far more than you may realise and give yourself credit for. Welcome to the private practice of George Gintilas at the Elwood Centre for Wellbeing in Melbourne Australia. Since 1991, a deep body based trauma informed, somatic process practice. His work covers the fields of Mindfulness, Somatics, Trauma, Complex Trauma, Body and Somatic Psychotherapy, Inner Child work, Meditation, Deep Subconscious work, Emotional health and wellbeing. Learn to access yourself in deeper ways, healing more of the mind/body split, to heal a host of ailments in a holistic and natural way. The way nature intended. Learn to become more embodied, gaining more access to your own inner processes. Feel more at home in your body. 

“Below, from the Channel 31 TV show in Melbourne titled Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle. Each interview runs for 8 minutes.”

How we Heal

The frontiers of how human beings behave, heal and advance is continually expanding as my work and research continues. Even after 31 years in private practice and having helped thousands of clients one-on-one, this work is still very much pioneering. For greater health, fulfillment and freedom in your mind, body and life, join me in learning new and deeper ways of being and healing, only some of which are (after 30 years) now becoming common place (think Mindfulness and Body Based Trauma Work). There are much more accessible ways within you to heal that you have probably never realised, or knew you could access. As this pioneering research and work continues, more breakthroughs are coming  (and some which are already here) and this is wonderful indeed.”

Trauma (Biggest block to healing)

About eight to nine years into my private practice it suddenly dawned on me one day that practically every client that worked with me deeply enough, eventually (if they remembered) hit on a trauma that was creating the issue that they had problems with. And that included physical injuries that wouldn’t heal, medical conditions that wouldn’t improve, diseases that reoccurred and a host of ailments that they thought was purely medical in nature and out of their conscious control.”

Anxiety (Hyper Arousal)

“Your body is not just a mechanical machine that carries your head around for you. Most people running around with high anxiety have (what we call in Somatic Psychotherapy) the classic mind/body split. I had it myself back in my 20s. Your complete body is an alive conscious being and it hears what you think. Coming down to live deeper into your body, helps to reduce anxiety, and helps clear all that over thinking that isn’t necessary. Are you living in your whole body or just in your head?”

Depression (Hypo Arousal)

“If you want to be truly happy, you have to be willing to face and release your pain, hurt, sadness and grief that you had to bury to get on with your life. Deep down you are naturally happy. But that happiness is covered by the unresolved, unexpressed pain from the past. Release the pain and you reveal the happiness that was always there within you, from day one.”

Full Presence and Spirit

As you release past traumas your spirit comes alive, more vibrant, more energised, you age slower, your inner child has more freedom. Your body feels more spacious, free and flowing. You become more present, living more fully in this moment, more and more. Underneath, you are a peaceful, loving, joyous human being. It’s already there – Uncover it.”  

From a few decades ago – this program was ahead of its time, so it is still very relevant today.  Healing Your Subconscious a three part TV program available on YouTube. Learn about the parts of your brain and where deeper healing originates. (20,000+ views)

Another blast from the past – From the TV program Pathways. Coming Into Presence. Learn more about how mindfulness meditation can help you.

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