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The Art of Achieving a Goal

One of the ways you can use your Mindfulness practice is to focus on a positive goal that you are wanting to accomplish. How you do this is very important. Visualising an outcome helps reprogram your brain and nervous system to make this happen much easier.

But visualising alone is not enough. You need to be out of your thinking mind and in touch with your body to energise the goal. It takes all parts of your body to be aligned and active to achieve a goal. Especially if it is a new one that you haven’t done before.

If it is new and just out of reach (which is what you want) it can be difficult to visualise it clearly enough and that’s normal. So it requires repetition over and over, correcting and adding more detail each time. That detail should be positive, seeing the end result. It should also feel like you have it now in this present moment. To have that real feeling you need to be in that mindful deep state, in your body.

If you are not in that mindfulness alpha/theta state, then the goal is just a fantasy, a pie in the sky dream that has no legs to stand on. If you don’t take the time to repeatedly feel it throughout your body, nothing is likely to happen.

Pockets of Peace

Finding pockets of peace throughout your day is a very healthy sign and a release valve for the stresses that come at you all day long. A lot of our diseases and issues stem from such stress. What is stress? The pressure you feel in your mind and body and the pressure your body feelsContinue Reading

Your Mobile Computer Phone and your Racing Mind

Body mindfulness is a great antidote to the racing mind and the constant presence of the smart phone. We first called them mobile phones (cell phones), then smart phones, but what they really are now is mobile computers that can take phone calls. A lot of our contact is not done by voice calls asContinue Reading

If the body is not at peace the mind is not at peace

If the body is not at peace the mind is not at peace. Your body has a very big influence on your mind. More than what most people realise. A lot of it is subconscious, below the level of your awareness. With body mindfulness work you can access more of this deeper awareness, bring itContinue Reading

Changing your Deep Subconscious Auto-Pilot Habits

“Our brain captures the strategies that work to keep us safe, connected and respected as possible in our early life environment, and then puts those behaviors on autopilot.” (Amanda Blake, Your Body is Your Brain, 2018) The behaviours you have that are on autopilot are hard to change because they have been buried deep downContinue Reading