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Disconnection from your Body can cause so much Misery

It never ceases to amaze me when a client has a problem (health/habit/phobia/limitation//trauma/psychological etc), that it can be changed rapidly just by bringing the focus into the body while the head is still trying to work it all out (the old way.)

Some words of wisdom that can save you a lot of time, drama, pain, money and effort….

In my experience, if something isn’t working in your life, chances are you have disconnected from your body and have left your poor head/intellect all on its own to try to work it all out for you.

When this intellect process tries harder – thinking more to try to solve the problem – you begin to create the racing mind phenomenon where your poor brain is overworking (thrashing) for very little result.

The more thoughts you need to solve an issue, the more stressed your system is and badly in need of a tune up. At some point, (when you are finally over it) it becomes time to clean up all the unfinished programs in your head that are still running, clogging up your ability to think in a straight line and doing so within a clear space in your head.

Thankfully body mindfulness offers a big key to be able to do this. And you can do this at home in a body mindfulness meditation practice. My body mindfulness class is designed to help you do this for yourself each day and then more intensely when you need something more focused.

I also recommend giving yourself this mind/body tune up with a therapist each year too, with a number of one-on-one private sessions. This helps to speed things up much more. Of course I practice what I preach and I do this myself every year. It makes a huge difference, as you prune all the old unfinished thoughts and issues still whizzing around in your head taking up unnecessary space and energy.

So why don’t people do this more often? One of the biggest reasons is that they think there isn’t a problem until they go inside and find just what is still running in there, subconsciously. That can be a bit of a shock to realise how much of your effort internally is inefficient and clogged with unfinished traumas which you thought you had resolved.

So I have learned over the years to never wait for a problem to surface. I do the work regularly and clear it out before it becomes a problem. You will always find things lurking in your subconscious that are building and are problems in waiting. So do this practice for yourself regularly, ideally daily, and have a series of sessions regularly each year for the deeper stuff. Do it no matter what and you will notice a big difference.

Your life will run smoother, you will feel more in the flow and present. Drama drops off. Your health improves. You age slower and you think with more peace in your head as the thrashing of your thinking clears.

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