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Healing the effects of Bullying at School

A strong traumatic event from the past that clients often share is being bullied and teased at school. This can have such a strong effect on people’s lives later on. Many clients will say just how much bullying affected them in their lives. There has been more focus on this issue in the recent past but I thought it was worth mentioning it here again.

I enjoy working with kids with this issue. Parents will sometimes bring a child in for help with the anxiety and stress of such bullying.

Body based and movement work is excellent for this. Helping a child fight and hit back at the bullies in a session (kicking and punching into a big cushion) helps to release much pent up fight/flight stress in the child’s body. They feel great after, their confidence goes up and often the bullying stops.

So it is good to get it early in a child’s life. Sessions help provide a safe place for a child to gently get their physical power back. They may hit into a cushion tentatively at first, but eventually they can be pounding with a strong force that gives enormous confidence after. With strong overpowering bullying a child will retract and hide their power away for safety. If this happens for too long, a child will forget that they have this power available within them. Sessions help to coax this important fight reflex back out again.

Healing Trauma Naturally

One of my specialty areas in my therapeutic work is helping with healing trauma. Traumas that are anxiety and panic creating within you that won’t switch off. Many people have such places within them, reactions that can’t be switched off easily and that can be triggered at the slightest hint of an unsafe situation orContinue Reading

“Learn to live with it”

I’ve heard this line many times. A statement made by well meaning therapists to clients of mine who were seeing such people in the past. I heard this line again recently from a client referring to a friend of theirs who had been seeing a psychologist and getting CBT for their anxiety. “Learn to liveContinue Reading