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Your Mobile Computer Phone and your Racing Mind

Body mindfulness is a great antidote to the racing mind and the constant presence of the smart phone. We first called them mobile phones (cell phones), then smart phones, but what they really are now is mobile computers that can take phone calls. A lot of our contact is not done by voice calls as much anymore. So you are carrying around a computer in your pocket which is always-on and always with you, probably 24/7. The intellect loves interacting with this device, and it represents the outward manifestation of the racing over used mind.

When we use this device we go into our head and our body goes on hold. There is little movement in your body and you are probably breathing very little (unless you are dealing with something very emotional or exercising at the time). You cut off your conscious awareness of your body to use this device. If this is overdone, it can create health problems, relationship problems as well as feeling lost in your head.

When your body is divorced from the decisions you make in your head you lose a lot of intelligence, creativity, you add stress to your thinking process, (so it takes longer to see things clearly) and so you lower your ability to make smart decisions.

Staying in constant contact with your body is crucial to better health and better decision making.

The mobile computer works fast, requiring you to think fast to keep up with it. Connecting with your body is slow, forcing you to slow down and take more care of the present moment. But what may seem slow is actually very fast and efficient in the long term and you get there with much less drama, less waste of energy/resources (less dead ends, less of the long way around to get there) and arrive healthier and happier along the right path for you.

If the body is not at peace the mind is not at peace

If the body is not at peace the mind is not at peace. Your body has a very big influence on your mind. More than what most people realise. A lot of it is subconscious, below the level of your awareness. With body mindfulness work you can access more of this deeper awareness, bring itContinue Reading

Take time to put ‘on’ your body

We take time to put on our clothes each morning. We should also take time to put on our body. Try not to leave home in the morning without getting into your body first. Body Mindfulness work helps you to do this. Taking a few minutes minimum everyday to actually feel into your body canContinue Reading

Relaxation Music – What’s the best?

Working as I do everyday helping people release anxieties, past traumas and bad habits that are holding them back from living a more productive, successful and authentic life, I often get asked what books do I read? What relaxation music do I listen to? In a past blog I have written about what my bestContinue Reading

The busy persons guide to staying healthy and happy

How does the busy person in today’s world keep centered, happy, clear and healthy? If you are like many people, you are very busy, have a lot to do, have many demands placed upon you and you run from one thing to the next with few breaks. A lot of people hardly take holidays. ThisContinue Reading

What do you give Space for?

What do you give Space for? You know what you give money for and what you give your time for but, what do you give space for? What is in your life that you stop, relax and open up to just being with? This question will point you towards how mindfully and embodied you liveContinue Reading

Destressing for sustainable long-term success

Reading today in a local paper: “The problem with technology especially email – is that it allows you to feel productive without really achieving anything. Of the tens of thousands of emails I’ve read and sent, there are less than a hundred that were real game-changes.” Scott Page – Barefoot Investor, Herald Sun Newspaper. LearningContinue Reading

“George, how do you remain so calm and balanced all the time?”

An executive client (while I was on location at a corporate client site) recently asked me ‘George, how do you remain so calm and balanced all the time?’ He had observed me over a six month period while I was working there with a variety of issues and employee behaviors and stresses that I hadContinue Reading

Consolidation Meditations

In this post I’d like to focus a little on Consolidation Meditations. What is that? Once you learn to release within you, it can get addictive to keep releasing continually. Doing this to much can fragment or destabalise you. So it is good to stop occasionally and do a few meditations for consolidation. That is,Continue Reading

When to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a very useful and practical skill to develop. It is a fundamental part of my life. I have been doing this practice for so long now that I forget just how ‘normal’ it is for me. One way this shows up, is in where I do this practice. The traditional place isContinue Reading